In case you didn't know, Dapper Classics calls Kentucky home. Our beautiful state was devastated by tornadoes last week. Tragically, many lives were lost, and significant damage was done to communities across the Bluegrass State - including our city, Bowling Green.
Fortunately, the Dapper Classics Team made it safely through the storms. We are heartbroken, though, as we've seen firsthand the wreckage in our town.
It's easy to feel helpless in the wake of such disaster. Where do you even start when so much needs to be done? After some reflection, we've decided to run a special event to provide much-needed assistance to those who are hurting in our state.
We're donating 100% of today's sales to the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund. Please join us in helping the community we love. You can read more about (and donate directly to) the relief efforts by following the link above. Thank you for your support.
Event date: Thursday, December 16, 2021
Update: Thanks to your support, we're donating over $3,500 to the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund!