About Our Socks

Dapper Classics was founded by father and son Fred and Harrison Rich in 2011 with the intent of providing a stylish, quality option for men's socks. Fred and Harrison had become dissatisfied with bland men’s hosiery that would sag and bunch upon wear. They were also troubled by the limited choices for luxury Made in USA men’s socks. After months of planning and research, they located a third-generation North Carolina mill that helped them realize their dream of producing fashionable, American-Made socks for men. In 2013, Dapper Classics reaffirmed its commitment to creating and supporting American jobs by purchasing a state of the art linked-toe knitting machine.

Expertly knitted, the style and comfort of Dapper Classics socks are unparalleled by the best imports. Dapper Classics knows that dapper is in the details and believes that a gentleman’s socks can pull together his entire ensemble. With nearly 200 distinct styles, Dapper Classics socks complement a wide range of menswear—from casual attire to business suits and formal wear. Since its founding, Dapper Classics has partnered with fine men’s retailers across the United States and has been featured in numerous print and online publications.


"Dapper is in the Details"